CART requests requires at least a 48-hours advance notice.

Communication Access

Real-time Translation (CART)


Communication access real-time translation (CART), also called real-time captioning, is the general name of the system that a CART professional converts speech to text. A trained professional uses keyboard or stenography methods to transcribe spoken speech into written text. CART professionals have qualifications for added expertise (speed and accuracy) as compared to court reporters and other stenographers.


Display options include computers, projection screens, monitors or mobile devices. The real-time text may be displayed as a full screen of large text at the front of the room or the text may be incorporated onto the same screen as a PowerPoint presentation.


 It is also useful for deaf people whose first language (American Sign Language) is different from the language being used in the meetings (English), or hard of hearing people to understand speakers with different voices and accents in many group situations (at work, in education, community events), to have a "transcript', and for learning languages. After the event, transcripts will be provided for free. And customers find this extremely  useful.



On-site CART

Remote CART

On-site CART is provided on-site at local meetings, classes, training sessions and special events. A provider will bring equipment to the site and set it up. Customers may have to provide projectors and screens. How does it work?  1) The speaker voices the content information, 2) the voiced content information is then transmitted to a CART professional, who then 3) transcribes the voiced content into textual English for the Deaf/HH individual to access the content.





Remote CART  is exactly the same as on-site CART except the provider is in a remote location.  A voice connection such as a telephone, cellphone, or computer microphone is used to send the voice to the operator, and the real-time text is transmitted back over a modem, Internet, or other data connection. This is the most common used method. The process works that same as the On-site CART, with the only exception is that the CART Professional is located remotely.


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