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Community Services and Relations Department

The "Deaf Community" is vast - the community includes all people who touch the lives of deaf and hard-of-hearing people, including family, friends, employers, caregivers, co-workers, interpreters, and service providers. Through DEAF, Inc.’s Community Services & Relations Department, we strive to increase communication, awareness, and education between all of these people so that we can all work together more effectively. These services are an essential part of our charitable mission.  The department is divided in four divisions:

Human Services

Through direct support, we assist deaf/hard of hearing individuals by meeting with them one-on-one.   By working together, we try to cooperatively turn obstacles into objectives, and provide coaching and education to empower them to take positive action in their lives. Some of the specific areas of direct support include:



We assist individuals in a wide range of legal & discrimination issues pertaining to communication access in a wide variety of settings including healthcare, law enforcement, educational environments, and workplace settings.




DEAF, Inc. is certified as a demonstration location for the Missouri Telecommunications Access Program (TAP). TAP provides equipment to qualifying individuals who have difficulties using the phone or internet because of a hearing loss.






Often deaf or hard of hearing individuals face a situation where communication is inaccessible. We provide assistance and empowerment to help the individual to obtain the communication access he/she needs such as interpreting services and CART.



Accomodating Communication Access




DEAF, Inc. has many community representation in many organizations for information and resource sharing.  We are fortunate to have a strong network of resources that allow us to provide information and referral to our deaf/hard of hearing and hearing individuals.




DeafBlind Support Services

Support Service Providers (SSPs) are specially trained professionals who enable deaf-blind people who have combined vision and hearing losses to access their environments and make informed decisions. SSPs provide them with visual and environmental information, sighted guide services, and communication accessibility.  The SSP may serve in any number of capacities, including assisting with activities of daily living (grocery shopping, mail reading, running errands), access to the environment, sighted-guiding, and community involvement. To learn more  about SSP or request services, click here.

Community Education

DEAF, Inc.’s Community Education division has three major components: 1) Community Enrichment Workshop Series, 2) Outreach, and 3) Language Enhancement Acquisition Program (LEAP).  DEAF Inc. provides informative and educational workshops and classes to provide you opportunities to develop skills in deaf and hard of hearing related topics such as sign language classes, sensitivity training, empowerment events, deaf awareness activities, etc.

Community Enrichment Workshop Series

Our Community Enrichment Workshop Series invites opportunity for both deaf /hard of hearing and hearing community members to engage in dialogue, exchange information, and gather useful strategies with the shared pursuit of enriching equal access for all.  The Community Enrichment Series contain a wide variety of workshops led by experts in their field with the underlying mission to enrich, strengthen, and enhance the quality of communication access.

The underlying purpose of these workshops is to empower people to be aware of the different issues that impact both the deaf and hearing communities.


The purpose of the Outreach Division is to focus on communication access as a form of awareness to our community. Without new awareness, no change is possible. We create awareness by reaching out to the greater mainstream Community and bringing light to aspects of deaf and hard of hearing life that may be hidden from them. At the same time, we provide education and resources for our deaf and hard of hearing community members so that they can better serve the greater Community. This two-way education creates an opportunity for increased collaboration within our Community. Some of the Outreach program, training, and services that we focus include:




With the main focus in four areas: news, education, awareness, and tips.  That interconnect deaf issues.  DeafThat is for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing people to examine various aspects of all things deaf which eventually becomes DeafThat!







Our Code represents sound communication accessibility practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business.  It is built on the Code of Accessibility, eight principles that summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business.


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The purpose of this training is to assist the hearing community who work with deaf people either on a daily or periodic basis in grasping

the legal mandates for effective communication with deaf/hard of hearing citizens. In this training, they would learn various effective tips used to interact with the Deaf without compromising their own safety or limiting the deaf person’s ability to convey critical information.




Chesterfield Police

See what Chesterfield Police Department has to say about DEAF, Inc.'s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Sensitivity Training.

Emergency Preparedness Education

DEAF, Inc. values the importance to providing communication access to emergency preparedness information to ensure that the deaf and hard of hearing community be properly prepare for a disaster. Below are some educational videos we created with collaboration with STARRS.

LEAP - Language Enhancement Acquisition Program

Language Enhancement Acquisition Program (LEAP) has three major types of programming: 1) Sign Language Classes, 2) Deaf Adult Literacy Program, and 3) Shared Reading Project.  Each educational program offer a customized opportunity to provide language enhancement and enrichment to a unique population in our community.  More information about each program are as follows:



This ASLE curriculum provides a clearer visual, reading, writing, and comprehension study program where deaf adults can learn English through ASL more effectively.







When parents effectively share books, the reading ability of their deaf or hard of hearing child ultimately improves, from this point on and throughout their life and it contributes to higher reading ability in school.







This program is also beneficial for those who would like to incorporate signs in communicating with babies, for those who simply want to learn another language, and educate those who may be losing their hearing.




Support Interest Groups

We bring together members of the Community with a special interest yet have common concerns within that interest group so that they can learn from each others' experiences. Whether it be deaf teens, deaf women who have survived cancer, or parents of deaf children, we seek to create safe and encouraging environments where members of our Community can learn and grow by connecting them with people who understand their shared struggles. Some of our support interest groups include:

If you don't find a support group that fits your individual needs, please contact us. We may be able to refer you to another one in the community or assist you in creating one.

Community Relations

A critical aspect of DEAF, Inc. is our role as facilitators of between various communities including deaf/hard of hearing and hearing individuals to address issues that are mutually beneficial for both of us through representation and collaboration.

Community Development Events

DEAF, Inc. is proud to host various events that welcome both deaf and hearing communities in an light-hearted environment where these community individuals can socialize as well as engage in dialogue that address important issues surrounding our community.  Some of our events for community development include:


  • Annual Charity Golf Tournament
  • Monthly Coffee Chat
  • Annual Walk for Hope
  • Annual Breakfast with Signing Santa
  • Annual Wine & Cheese Tasting Fundraiser
  • Annual DEAF, Inc. Trivia Night!
  • Annual Deaf Visual Art festival
  • Annual Summer ASL Camp for Kids


For more information on these events, please contact us.


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