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As a deafblind individual, you are dining in a restaurant, using public transit or attending a meeting, it can be tough to get a complete picture of a situation without access to visual and aural cues. What specials are listed on the menu? Was there an announcement about a delay on the train? How many people are at the conference table?


That's where DEAF, Inc. comes in. Support Service Providers (SSPs) are specially trained professionals who enable deafblind people who have combined vision and hearing losses to access their environments and make informed decisions. SSPs provide them with visual and environmental information, sighted guide services, and communication accessibility.  The SSP may serve in any number of capacities, including assisting with activities of daily living (grocery shopping, mail reading, running errands), access to the environment, sighted-guiding, and community involvement.


SSPs are NOT interpreters. Communication assistance often occurs for short exchanges, but this assistance is limited. The emphasis of SSP work is on visual and environmental (not verbal) information. SSPs do not facilitate communication for important transactions such as the translation of a lease, a medical appointment, or the discussion prior to making a large-purchase; this would require a professional trained interpreter. If you need an interpreter, please visit our interpreting department section.


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SSP requests less than 24-hours and/or in case of an emergency, please call

(314) 222-0364



For more information about the DeafBlind services, please contact:


Thomas Green

DeafBlind SSP Program Administrator

DEAF, Inc.

25 E. Frisco Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63119

(314) 222-0364

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Where is DEAF, Inc. DeafBlind Services Available??


DEAF, Inc. is servicing 4 regions in Missouri. Please click the button below to see the 4 regions and 85 counties that DeafBlind Support Services is available through DEAF, Inc.

Are you interested in becoming a SSP and serve the DeafBlind community?


DEAF, Inc. is looking for individuals to contract with to provide SSP services. DEAF, Inc. will provide necessity training to ensure that the SPP providers are able to provide quality services. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us.

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