Why Give to DEAF, Inc.?

It's all about Connecting with the Community!

There are more than 300,000 people with hearing loss in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


For some of them, getting job promotions, obtaining meaningful education, receiving proper information about their healthcare are among the daily challenges they face. Being left out by the mainstream community, they feel rejected emotionally and socially.


Providing communication access is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, but a worthwhile and honorable one. With your donation, you become drivers of social change in the pursuit of breaking the cycle of inaccessibility for this population with hearing loss and their families.


Please join us and be a part of our collective effort to bring effective communication and positive change for those often ignored in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


Your support will create opportunities for everyone to live in a stronger, more vibrant, and diversified society. Your donation will also directly improve accessible infrastructure and community planning in the areas that deaf and hard of hearing individuals need it most.


You have an opportunity to be a driver for social change right now by giving an annual gift to DEAF, Inc. and to invest in our deaf and hard of hearing consumers, neighbors and community.

A Message from Heidi

Heidi took some time to stop by DEAF Inc. to see the wonderful things that DEAF inc. does for the community. Please watch her message.

Common Reasons that the Community turns to DEAF, Inc.


-  Bridge the communication access gap between deaf and hearing individuals in health care settings

-  Achieve cultural understanding of the diversified deaf/hard of hearing community

-  Community Access education/training to first responders such as police officers and EMT

-  English to ASL translation on important documents

-  Lack of access to support groups in the mainstreamed community

-  Community referrals and resources

-  Interpreting services available 24 hours/seven days a week

-  Sign language classes

-  Assistive listening devices



$50 dollars provides one-hour of pro bono interpreting services for a deaf individual


$100 dollars supports one (1) advocacy and empowerment workshop for the

deaf/hard of hearing community


$500 dollars supports a Spring sports program where deaf children can learn to

play sports with their peers and deaf adults as role models


$750 dollars offers free communication access training to three (3) police departments in the St. Louis Metropolitan area with a provision of interpreter at no cost


$1,000 establishes a year-long support program for one family with a deaf or hard of hearing child


$2,500 produces five (5) ASL educational videos about breast cancer detection and treatment options for deaf female breast cancer survivors


$5,000 provides free scholarship for ten (10) deaf students to one-week summer leadership camp where deaf teenagers learn about leadership skills,

legal awareness, and self-advocacy.


To make a one-time donation, simply click the Donate button below


Thank you for considering a gift, praying and supporting us as we impact lives of

Deaf and Hard of Hearing in St. Louis.


You will receive a confirmation of your donation via email. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact Michele Steele, at 314-714-6406.


By Check

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Other Forms of Giving

For those who are interested in making other forms of gifts (see below), should contact Michele Steele, at 314-714-6406 to get instructions.


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