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DEAF, Inc. is a certified as a demonstration location for the Missouri Assistive Technology Telecommunications Access Program (MO-TAP) for deaf and hard of hearing consumers. TAP provides equipment and accessories at no cost ( free ) to qualified deaf and hard of hearing individuals who have difficulties using the phone or accessing Internet-based telecommunications because of a hearing loss. DEAF, Inc. will be able to assist individuals with selecting assistive equipment through one-on-one demonstrations to compare the touch, sound, features, and look of assistive equipment.


To qualify for the Telecommunications Access Program, the applicant must:


• Be certified by a licensed physician, audiologist, speech pathologist, hearing instrument specialist or qualified agency (such as DEAF Inc.) as unable to use traditional telecommunications equipment due to disability;


• Be a resident of the state of Missouri;


• For TAP Telephones, you must have access to basic telephone service for TAP;  For the TAP Wireless, you must have WiFi access and/or mobile phone service (depending on selected equipment). Smart phones require data plan, WiFi and cellular service.


• Meet financial income standards (Generally, the applicant's have an annual adjusted household income under $60,000 for two people; with $5,000 being added for each additional dependent). Individuals who are over income guidelines are welcome to a demonstration and training. However, you will be referred to companies where you can purchase equipment at your own expense.


TAP for Telephone provides access to basic voice telephone calling (both sending and receiving) for people with all types of disabilities including deaf and hard of hearing individuals through the delivery of adaptive telephone equipment. The program provides such equipment as text telephones, voice carry over phones, phone for hearing carry over and amplified phones.


The new TAP Wireless Project will provide wireless equipment for people with disabilities who may not traditionally have access to this equipment. The world of telecommunications is changing drastically and new improvements in accessibility are being introduced for people with disabilities. The project covers equipment from a very simple large button cell phone to an iPhone or iPad with accessibility apps pre-installed.


Training will also be available on the requested specialized equipment in areas like how to make tone and volume adjustments; how to boost amplification for traditional phones: how to add accessories to cellular phones that allow users with hearing loss to amplify the incoming sound; and how to connect neckloops that work with the t-coil of their hearing aids for a more direct sound advantage, to list just a few examples.


For more information about TAP, please click here.


To contact DEAF Inc. to set up an appointment to see if you qualify or find the right equipment for yourself, please click here.




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