So you want to learn sign language?

DEAF Inc. has developed a program designed to introduce you to American Sign Language (ASL) to aid in communication with the deaf or hard of hearing community, and educate those who may be losing their hearing.  DEAF Inc.'s ASL Education program is also beneficial for those who would like to incorporate signs in communicating with babies, and for those who simply want to learn another language. This program is not designed to certify those who are interested in becoming interpreters.


American Sign Language Classes (ASL)


ASL 1 and 2 classes are designed specifically for adult students, and are open to participant ages 16 and older.


The cost of this 6-week program is $30.00. During the program, you will receive weekly handouts with approximately 20 to 30 ASL vocabulary terms each, instruction on ASL structure, and a review test.


This six-week program will introduce you to American Sign Language, finger spelling the alphabet, numbers and some courtesy phrases, and basic knowledge of ASL structure. After the completion of session 1 and 2, a certification of completion will be awarded.  In order to receive certification, students must complete end of class evaluation. Those who have received certification of completion of our 1st session may sign up for the 2nd session. The attendance is required in order to receive the certificate of completion.






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